We offer various upgrades on all of our dog houses that you can pick and choose from.

We offer insulation, vinyl floors, porches, custom paint jobs, custom dog bones (with your pooches name) access doors, vinyl flaps to cover the door opening.

All of the houses are framed up like a storage shed and are on 2x4 bases to keep them up off the ground. Every single house has a minimum of 20 year shingles.


These are a few of the houses we have done over the past year.
As you can see we have various styles available. Some customers choose to paint their own house and those are the beige ones. They are already primed for paint. Other's choose the paint color and we do the work.


Kitty Condo's

Hi All!
We have expanded into making cat condo's as well as dog houses. Here is a pic of one that we have built. Contact us for all your pets play time and housing needs!!!


Recent Dog House

This house turned out so very cute! Photo is courtesy of Zoe's owner, Misty. Thanks again for the pic! Zoe is obviously so very proud of her new home! :)


More dog house designs!

This design is an "A" frame style thats size is based upon however big your dog is. These beige colored ones are unpainted but pre-primed for paint. We do offer custom paint jobs, however. The cut-out bone personalized with your pets name is another option that we offer and which is one of my favorite things. Just to cute! The bottom picture is the same house just without the bone hung up, I think it makes a big difference. This house is also insulated and has a hinged roof. We offer a clear plastic flap in the doorway as well which helps block out the wind.

Dog House Design..Hinged Roof!

Here is another design that we offer. This house is insulated, has the 20 year shingles and also has a hinged roof for easy access for cleaning.


Here is a picture of one of our latest houses that we built. It is my favorite so far! I love that it looks like a miniature barn. This one is insulated, has a clear door flap to help keep out the wind and has a porch on it. We, of course, can build the porches different sizes same as the houses.


One of our new designs

This is one of Autumn's Chihuahuas in the pampered pet retreat that she ordered from us!
This doghouse design is available for building now so contact us with your orders!

Tennessee Chihuahuas

Hi Everybody!
If any of you are looking for a really cute registered Chihuahua you need to check out
The lady who breeds them is named Autumn and her puppies are the cutest things! She recently ordered a custom doghouse from us and I got to hold one of her newborn babies when we delivered the house. She will have another litter ready in the next few weeks so you should contact her and get on her free waiting list! Seriously the cutest little things!! She has longhair and shorthair babies!